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General Questions

What is the Cloud?
Cloud computing is a concept combines computer technology with Internet-based technologies to improve and flexibility of services tailored by users to meet Reviews their needs. Computer technology is Considered to have a major impact on the effective and efficient a job. Cloud Computing Provides a wide range of information technology services is an abstraction of a complex infrastructure.

What is the SSD Cloud Hosting?
SSD Cloud Hosting technology is one latest technology this time where the technology is improving the performance of the storage, access, and save energy consumption of computers. SSD technology can reach 5-10 times the usual storage to use more leverage. IDCloudHost offer this technology with a cloud computing system that will make the website or server accessed more quickly.


IDCloudHost cling to the concept of collaboration, IDCloudHost opportunities with any parent to be able to collaborate to build and achieve its vision and mission.

How to become a partner IDCloudHost?
Send Message to:

  • mufid@cloudhost.asia


What's IDCloudHost?
PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia (cloudhost.asia) is one of the Web Hosting Provider services in Indonesia with a wide range of cloud computing technology designed for your needs and also to build an abstraction of a complex infrastructure in a service. IDCloudHost hope will create an information technology usable and simplify all the services required by the user, with the slogan "Everything you need is here" IDCloudHost will provide services to improve and support the hosting and cloud computing server that is effective and efficient

Who is supposed to use the IDCloudHost service?
IDCloudHost services can be used by various groups ranging from companies, organizations profit / non-profit as well as individuals.

Where the data center location IDCloudHost?
IDCloudHost have SSD Linux-based servers with the high-performance data center on Indonesia, Singapore, and London.

How much bandwidth is provided for services IDCloudHost?
All hosting packages that are here to get the Unlimited bandwidth.

Is there a trial period (trial) for service IDCloudHost?
To increase your confidence on the quality of our services, we will give time for 10 days to experience our great service.


What services are offered IDCloudHost?

Services offered by IDCloudHost among others:
Domain Register. A domain is a unique name that is used to access your website. Domain made available all in accordance with your requirements. Order Domain Service

Cloud Hosting is the newest and fastest technology of storage media used to store data on your website. Order Cloud Hosting Service

VPS / Virtual Private Server is a server service that is used to improve the performance of the website or application becomes more Fast, Safe and Stable. Order VPS Service

Private Web Hosting is a solution for those of you who need web hosting services over everything. You'll get a Priority Service from us. Order Private Wb Hosting Service

Dedicated Server is a server service data storage that is used to improve the speed, performance, and stability of the Website / Application. Order Dedicated Server Service

Reseller Hosting is a joint collaboration service with IDCloudHost to build a business of your own Web Hosting Provider. Order Reseller Hosting Service


Get a variety of benefits to the subscription service in IDCloudHost

Free Migration

You will get help migration web hosting service for FREE. Our Customer Service is ready when you need help

Free 10 Day Trial

To increase confidence in the quality of service, we will give time for 10 days to experience our service performance

Fast and Stable

Powered by a Litespeed web server that can make your website accessible 50x faster than web servers in general.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All hosting packages that exist in IDCloudHost get Unlimited bandwidth to improve the performance of your website

Perfect Solution for your Business.

In less than 3 minutes, you get all the services you need.
No obligation for upgrade, downgrade or cancel.