Term of Service

Public policy

Public policy


    • All services provided by IDCloudHost used for lawful purposes.
    • All contents or links that violate the law are not allowed, including copyright infringement, trademark, SARA, and pornography.
    • All content that could interfere with the performance of IDCloudHost servers are not allowed.
    • Every script in the form of phishing will immediately Terminated.
    • Any activity that is unlawful or detrimental to third parties using the facilities IDCloudHost disclaimed IDCloudHost.
    • If you break the rules made by IDCloudHost, IDCloudHost has the right to close the service unilaterally.
    • IDCloudHost is not responsible for any lost or destruction of customer’s data.
    • Examples of prohibited content or link
      • IRC Bots
      • Warez Site
      • Pirated Software
      • SARA Site
      • Hacking sites and archives
      • Emulator / ROMS
      • Realtime chat application.
      • Scripts that require large memory that disrupts the overall server performance.

Email and Spam

    • IDCloudHost is not responsible for emails that can cause resentment, emails sent repeatedly (mail bombs) and spam.
    • IDCloudHost does not tolerate the email addresses that can cause resentment, emails sent repeatedly (mail bombs) and spam.
    • IDCloudHost will take action to close or disable a customer's account if proved to have violated law as explained above unilaterally.
    • IDCloudHost does not recommend Shared Hosting account used as a Mail Hosting and is accessed in large numbers, because it will burden the Server. If you want to use Mail to the fullest IDCloudHost recommends using Google Apps or use a special Mail Hosting.

Use of Resource

    • Prohibited uses of more than 20% of server resources for more than 90 seconds, the resources including but not limited to  CGI scripts, FTP, HTTP, and others.
    • Prohibited from running bit torrent.
    • Applications script that should not be run on the server IDCloudHost among others:
      • Anonymizer
      • CGI / Perl version of YABB
      • Chat room / IRC scripts
      • FormMail (versions prior to 1.91)
      • Ikonboard
      • proxy scripts
      • phpShell and scripts that use the command execution
      • PsyBNC, Eggdrop, mailbom, and the like
      • telnet Scripts
      • UltimateBBS
      • Search Engine, MP3 Search Engine
      • Script Auto Posting such as WP Robot etc.
      • WordPress Plugins like STT2
      • Classified Ads Website
    • If IDCloudHost find violations of the use of resources, IDCloudHost will disable the customer's account without notice unilaterally.

Traffic Data

    • IDCloudHost provides traffic data in accordance with a predetermined threshold. If you have been using data traffic exceeded a predetermined threshold, then your account will be disabled. And you would be well advised to upgrade to a higher hosting package.
    • Data traffic in IDCloudHost does not accumulate.
    • IDCloudHost is not responsible for and acquitted of claims for compensation for any errors or slow data transmission traffic data.



You are fully responsible for doing backups on each web data. IDCloudHostHost is released on claims for compensation for loss or damages. You are fully responsible for the transfer and management of data and files of your account. Backup done by IDCloudhost is solely for the purpose of server and client has their own obligations and responsibilities to perform their own regular backups.


For Reseller

  • IDCloudhost entitles unsuspend for 3 times, and IDCloudhost always include a reason when an account is suspended.
  • Please participate in maintaining the stability of the server by reminding the client to always comply with the existing TOS.


Automatic Suspended

  • In order to maintain security on the server, IDCloudHost Server will perform Automatic suspended on account Hosting that Detected contains or as Virus.
  • If our Anti-Virus detects virus like PHPSHELL Virus, Trojan, PHP.HIDE, Heuristic.HTML.Dropper etc., it will automatically suspend for virus-detected reason.
  • IDCloudHost will do unsuspended if you send a Ticket to IDCloudHost and IDCloudhost will inform you for prevention.
  • Hosting Account that is experiencing Site Deface will be suspended for caution in case the script that is used for hacking actions is preserved on the hosting accounts.
  • The service will automatically suspend the case of late payment after 1 day
  • The service will automatically delete the data on the service if the delay had passed 40 days
  • * Suspended Only Temporarily Time Until you confirm the IDCloudHost through Ticket and No limit for unsuspended (Do not apply for unsuspended for more than 3 times).


Term of Suspended/Unsuspended

IDCloudHost will suspend account if the client violates our T.O.S (Terms of Service) and IDCloudHost will not provide advance notice after IDCloudHost perform suspended. IDCloudHost will do unsuspended if the Client has been willing to follow orders / rules IDCloudHost provide.


Privacy Policy

IDCloudHost parties will maintain the privacy of your data. Except where there is a request from the authorities asking for your account information for the purposes of investigation, legal process or law violation ITE.


Term of Ticket

Support Team will respond ticket based on the queue so that when you reply queue ticket will go last

VPS Policy

  2. VPS will be suspended if payment is du
  3. For VPS prolongation that has been in Suspended (because of late payments) will be fined 10% of the price that is already in the set.
  4. 5 days after suspend if no notice (ticket) sent will be terminated without confirmation in advance
  5. IDCloudHost does not allow use of VPS for illegal actions, for example: DDOS, hacking tools, pornography, gambling websites, online prostitution, human trafficking and others.
  6. All forms of violation reported on point fifth will soon be in the process of IDCloudHost. IDCloudHost will take action such as service suspension or elimination of service permanently.
  7. VPS that is already terminated can not be refunded.
  8. VPS payment is due but still want to keep it alive ? Please send us the ticket and explain in detail, we can certainly consider it.

Payment Policy

Payment policies, Fees and Refunds

  1. Payment service fees made through bank transfer is the amount has been provided by IDCloudHost listed on the invoice.
  2. Full payment must be made before IDCloudHost provide services including the prolongation service. All notices of the due date will be emailed IDCloudhost. No bills or invoices sent by mail or fax.
  3. Billing will continue until you decide to stop. You have the right to decide to stop at any time. IDCloudHost does not give refunds on transactions that have been carried out.
  4. IDCloudHost entitled to suspend service if payment is not received until one days after the due date passes.
  5. If the cancellation is done by IDCloudHost concerning violations of the policy then there is no refund. IDCloudHost will consider to give the piece a refund of cancellation if the violation is not your fault.
  6. Additional amenities can be added at any time.
  7. IDCloudHost the right to change prices and hosting facilities without prior notice.


Account cancellation

  1. You can decide to stop at any time. Cancellation request can not be done over the phone. For cancellation, you must contact Customer Service that is already available on the web or send ticket cloudhost.asia concerning cancellation of service.
  2. Notification of cancellation must be received at least ten working days before the due date to avoid the full cost for the next service period.
  3. You are solely responsible for the use of IDCloudHost confirmation email. If you have not received a cancellation notification email, your account will remain active and you will still receive a bill.
  4. IdCloudhost has the right to cancel the account at any time if found in violation of the user account.


Compensation Policy

You agree to use the services and facilities of IDCloudHost with all possible risks that arise, be borne by you. IDCloudHost is not to be liable for any damages, loss of data, including damage arising from the use of IDCloudHost facilities. IDCloudHost released from third party claims on losses arising from third parties.





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